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Simulatoare Sooper [Uitati-va si spuneti ce vreti]
kimimaroData: Monday, 2008-10-06, 0:04 AM | Mesaj # 1
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Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004: A Century of Flight is the next milestone in the award-winning Flight Simulator franchise. Celebrating 20 years of developing and perfecting computer flight simulation, A Century of Flight will allow aviation enthusiasts to experience history at the controls of historic aircraft, such as Charles Lindbergh’s Ryan NYP Spirit of St. Louis, the Douglas DC-3 and the world’s first successful powered aircraft, the Wright Flyer.
New engaging features such as interactive multimedia provide a wealth of historical information on the planes that shaped aviation history and the pilots who flew them. Informed and insightful articles explain all there is to know about Microsoft’s Flight Simulator and the 24 aircraft included in the software. Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004: A Century of Flight also introduces an updated, dynamic weather system, enhanced automatically generated scenery (AutoGen) and detailed visual effects, improved Air Traffic Control functions, and 3D interactive cockpits, as well as 15 modern aircraft, including the Beechcraft Baron and the Robinson R22 helicopter.

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kimimaroData: Monday, 2008-10-06, 0:05 AM | Mesaj # 2
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From the creators of Bus Driver, Euro Truck Simulator is a truck simulation
game set in continental Europe. The player can drive across a realistic
depiction of Europe, visiting its beautiful cities, picking up a variety of
cargo and delivering them on time!

The road network in Euro Truck Simulator is based on genuine European roads
and cities. Being set in Europe, European truck-designs feature exclusively
- all trucks use highly realistic, meticulously detailed models. The truck
interiors of Euro Truck Simulator are as equally impressive as the
exteriors. With actual working instruments such as flashing indicators,
temperature and low fuel warning lights, wipers, and naturally - a full set
of gauges including speedometer - all built into the interior 3D model, Euro
Truck Simulator offers a truly immersive simulation environment. The player
can pan around the cabin, just as if they were actually sitting at the

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kimimaroData: Monday, 2008-10-06, 0:06 AM | Mesaj # 3
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In Their 20th Year Of Glory, FairLight Released

Ship Simulator 2008: New Horizons © Lighthouse Interactive

Supplied by: FAIRLIGHT Release Date: 04/04/2008
Cracked by: FAIRLIGHT Game Type: SIM
Packaged by: FAIRLIGHT Image Format: ISO
DVDS: 1 Protection: -

System Requirements: Pentium 4 2.4 GHz, 1 GB RAM, graphic card 128 MB

Game information:

Try your hand at sailing a luxury cruise liner a classic yacht or feel the
impact of the waves as you guide your fishing vessel home through a storm!
New Horizons offers new highly realistic environments and adds eight exciting
new vessels for your sailing pleasure. Includes 20 all new missions and
free roaming multiplayer mode too! The add-on will require the original game
to run and will automatically upgrade any version of Ship Simulator 2008
with all previous updates and patches.


Eight new vessels for Ship Simulator 2008, including a modern harbour tug
with advanced azimuth thrusters and a push boat with 4 different cargo

Online multiplayer free-roaming action, including towing.

Brand new sailing area Cornwall (Padstow), England, built with advanced
visuals and bump mapping technology.

20 new missions, involving the new vessels and the new environment.

Unlimited gameplay: in-game downloading of new missions.

Option to connect and disconnect barges to the push boat in-game.

New walkthrough options: explore the push boats highly detailed engine


This is a addon so you need to have Ship Simulator 2008 released by PROCYON


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kimimaroData: Monday, 2008-10-06, 0:07 AM | Mesaj # 4
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Game Title : Bagger Simulator
Developer : © Astragon
Language : German
Game Type : Sim
Release Date : 07/08
Disc(s) : 1 CD
Protection : -

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kimimaroData: Monday, 2008-10-06, 0:10 AM | Mesaj # 5
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About Rail Simulator

This is the game that Rail enthusiasts have been waiting for! Rail
Simulator provides the most realistic simulation of trains
possible on a PC. Plus we provide you, the player, with powerful
tools to create your own railway world.

Key features of the game:

Stunningly realistic graphics & audio.
The game makes full use of modern graphics cards and EAX audio to
achieve a believable environment.

Accurate train driving simulation.
Careful measurement, modelling and simulation of real trains allow
us to provide highly accurate handling characteristics.

Steam, Diesel and Electric trains.
Contemporary and historic trains are provided with the game to
appeal to all types of train enthusiast.

Three levels of driving difficulty.
Each train can be driven in easy, intermediate or expert mode.
Easy provides a wonderful "install and go" experience which allows
even the novice driver to experience the thrill of train driving.
But be warned, Expert mode requires an attention to detail in
common with driving the actual train - take special care of every
little detail!

Passenger and Freight operations.
The environments and rolling stock supplied with the game let you
focus on driving both passenger and freight - each needing its own
specific skills.

Hours of missions to test your skill as a train driver.
The game comes supplied with 15 scenarios to test your skill as a
train driver. Can you meet the demanding task of driving a busy
commuter train? Or maybe collecting the components of a freight
load and delivering all of the parts on time to the right
destination? Your performance on each mission is measured to
provide feedback on your personal performance as a train driver.

Free-roaming experience.
If you prefer a more leisurely approach, free-roam allows to you
explore the routes at your own pace.

Four real-world routes.
The game comes supplied with four routes (the four included are
determined by the country of purchase). Each one is on average 90
miles long and both historic and current environments are

View the action unfolding from any angle
You can choose drive from the cab of your train, welding all the
controls at the touch of a button; take a leisurely ride from one
of the many carriages included; fly as high as a bird, taking in
all the surroundings as you whisk along; maybe you wish to get up
close to control all the junctions and switches from the track

Fully functioning Turntables & Traversers
Train are big, and they aren't always facing in the right
direction. With this all new functionality, you can interact,
operate, and perform tasks with increased efficiency.

Localised Signalling Systems
No railway would be complete without accurate signalling allowing
it to operate. Implemented into Rail Simulator is an extremely
flexible signalling system using LUA Scripts. Using this system
each route has completely accurate localised signal systems with
real world functionality including all the bells and whistles.

Complete World Editing tool suite
Included in the box is a full suite of editing tools to start
making your own fully interactive worlds. The ability to lay track
of immensely complex track, place all manner of detailed scenery
objects with great accuracy and manipulate to a high degree as
well as texture the landscape until your hearts content.

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kimimaroData: Monday, 2008-10-06, 0:11 AM | Mesaj # 6
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Desperate Housewives © Buena Vista Games

RELEASE.DATE : 10/2006
DISC(S) : 1
GAME.TYPE : Simulator
URL :;1

In the Desperate Housewives game, players take on the role of a new housewife who moves into Wisteria Lane and unlocks the delicious scandals hidden in the seemingly "perfect" neighborhood. Mary Alice Young (voiced by Brenda Strong in the game) serves as the omniscient narrator in this lifestyle simulation game.

* Interact with characters from the show - Bree, Gabrielle, Lynette, Susan,
Edie and more
* Solve mysteries - sneak through homes, flirt, entertain, charm, and spy
your way to the truth
* Gossip with your favorite characters from Wisteria Lane
* Customize your appearance, decorate your house, shop for clothing and more
* Uncover secrets while still running your household - Looking after your
family, home and garden



Pentium 4 1.4GHz Processor
2.5GB Hard Disk Space
8X CD-ROM Drive
DirectX compatible 16-bit Sound Card
64MB nVidia GeForce 3 Class Video Card
DirectX 9

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kimimaroData: Monday, 2008-10-06, 0:13 AM | Mesaj # 7
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Release Date: Aug 6, 2007
Genre: Arcade Flight Simulator
Image Type: CUE/BIN

Gamespot Rating: 7.0
User Rating: 7.1
Forget about flight-sim physics and just enjoy this dumbed-down take on air combat over the Pacific in World War II.;1

System Requirements:
Windows 2000/XP/Vista, 2.0 Ghz CPU, 512MB RAM, 500MB free HD space, 3D card with 64MB RAM (128 recommended), DirectX 9.0 or later

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kimimaroData: Monday, 2008-10-06, 0:19 AM | Mesaj # 8
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Dak vreti vreun simulator doar spuneti si vi-l vom pune la Download

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